61) The thirst mechanism a highly reliable indicator of fluid

Question : 61) The thirst mechanism a highly reliable indicator of fluid : 1403881


61) The thirst mechanism is a highly reliable indicator of fluid replacement and bodily fluid balance.

62) The thirst mechanism is affected by age.

63) Sweat must evaporate to have a cooling affect.

64) Living in areas of higher altitude increases fluid loss.

65) Sodium and chloride are the predominant electrolytes in the extracellular fluid.

66) Drinking eight glasses of fluid each day ensures that all healthy adults will meet their fluid needs.

67) Hyponatremia occurs when somebody drinks too much water without replacing potassium.

68) Most people in the United States consume too much sodium.

69) Processed foods tend to be lower in sodium than whole foods.

70) Eating too much sodium will usually result in hypernatremia in most healthy individuals.



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