61) The specific learned norms based attitudes, values, and beliefs

Question : 61) The specific learned norms based attitudes, values, and beliefs : 1418852


61) The specific learned norms based on attitudes, values, and beliefs of a group of people are known as ethnology.

62) Many firms gain a global competitive advantage by fostering cultural diversity.

63) Most cultural variables are universal.

64) The lack of cultural guidebooks and research specifically for international managers poses a significant problem for global firms.

65) Similarity among people is both a cause and effect of national boundaries.

66) Cultures do not transcend national boundaries.

67) The identity of a nation is typically promoted through symbols, monuments, and museums.

68) Most people's basic values are acquired during childhood and are not readily changed later in life.

69) Cultural change may come by choice or imposition.

70) Creolization refers to the mixing of cultural elements that occurs during cultural diffusion.



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