61) The so-called green movement encouraged companies to ________. A) actively

Question : 61) The so-called green movement encouraged companies to ________. A) actively : 1408220


61) The so-called green movement encouraged companies to ________.

A) actively resist social change

B) operate freely in the black market

C) go beyond government regulations

D) institute deregulation

E) curb organizational anarchy

62) As a consequence of the green movement, many companies are developing strategies and practices that support ________.

A) government intervention

B) environmental sustainability

C) deregulation

D) mass marketing

E) rapid exploitation of natural resources

63) Many firms today use RFID technology to ________.

A) identify new target markets

B) analyze threats and opportunities in the macroenvironment

C) move toward environmental sustainability

D) track products through various points in the distribution channel

E) track patterns of online consumer behavior

64) Many companies use RFID product labels on their goods, which exemplifies the ________ environment in business.

A) natural

B) political

C) economic

D) demographic

E) technological

65) A firm dumping chemical wastes in the local waterbody is ________.

A) actively resisting social change

B) contributing to organizational anarchy

C) engaging in a "do well by doing good" mission

D) adopting a proactive stance toward the marketing environment

E) contributing to increased pollution

66) New technologies most likely lead to ________.

A) economic imbalance in society

B) reduced exports

C) trade deficits

D) an increased demand for unskilled labor

E) fresh markets and opportunities

67) Which of the following is most likely a result of regulations set up by the Food and Drug Administration and the Consumer Product Safety Commission?

A) The time between new product ideas and their introduction to the market has decreased.

B) Annual spending on research and development has decreased.

C) Research costs for companies have risen.

D) Product innovation has significantly declined.

E) Marketers have grown increasingly apathetic toward meeting safety standards.

68) The ________ environment consists of laws, government agencies, and pressure groups that influence or limit various organizations and individuals in a given society.

A) socio-legal

B) cultural

C) political

D) technological

E) economic

69) Governments develop public policy to ________.

A) encourage deregulation

B) identify demographic patterns

C) identify cultural patterns

D) guide commerce

E) protect marketers

70) Laws are passed to define and prevent unfair competition primarily because ________.

A) business executives tend to favor pure monopolies

B) businesses sometimes try to neutralize threatening firms

C) governments in free market economies tend to nationalize ailing firms

D) private lobbying hurts the interests of national and state governments

E) most MNEs in advanced economies are averse to invest in emerging markets



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