61)  The responsibility of a safe work environment that of:

Question : 61)  The responsibility of a safe work environment that of: : 1887060

61)  The responsibility of a safe work environment is that of:

A)  The government

B)  Customers and vendors

C)  Each employee and the company

D)  The company and the government

62)  ________ includes any type of harassing or harming behavior (verbal or physical) that occurs in the workplace.

A)  Workplace harassment

B)  Workplace violence

C)  Workplace incivility

D)  None of the above

63)  Workplace violence can come from which of the following?

A)  A family member

B)  A customer

C)  A boss

D)  All of the above

64)  If you are dealing with a personal issue that you feel may impact the workplace:

A)  Contact the assistance of the Internal Revenue Service

B)  Confidentially share your concerns with a coworker, boss, or the human resources department

C)  Keep the issue to yourself

D)  Seek assistance from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

65)  Employees should:

A)  Seek assistance from coworkers or security if uncomfortable in a remote location

B)  Report suspicious behavior

C)  Take responsibility for a safe workplace

D)  All of the above

66)  Just as important as apologizing to others when you have done wrong, employees should also:

A)  Ignore others' poor behavior

B)  Forgive

C)  Retaliate when wronged

D)  All of the above

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