61) The opportunity to increase profitability the primary reason that

Question : 61) The opportunity to increase profitability the primary reason that : 1419024


61) The opportunity to increase profitability is the primary reason that firms decide to export.

62) A company classified as a small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) has fewer than 500 employees.

63) Ownership advantages refer to a firm's specific assets, international experience, and the ability to develop either low-cost or highly differentiated products within the context of its particular value chain.

64) Serendipity is often an export trigger for companies that purposefully look to internationalize their operations.

65) Export intensity, the percentage of total revenues coming from exports, is not always correlated with company size.

66) The probability of a company being an exporter is independent of the size of the company.

67) "Born global" firms are those that step straight onto the world stage, making exporting the primary goal of the firm from day one of operations.

68) The stages of development in a company's export expansion are tied to company size.

69) A major pitfall of exporting is misclassifying products in terms of the destination country's tariff schedule, thereby incurring a higher tax or slower delivery.

70) Companies new to exporting most frequently suffer over-commitment by top management in taking on the initial difficulties and financial requirements of exporting.



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