61) The controlling management function largely a matter of ________. A)

Question : 61) The controlling management function largely a matter of ________. A) : 1400066



61) The controlling management function is largely a matter of ________.

A) resolving conflicts

B) determining what needs to be done

C) monitoring to see that tasks are accomplished

D) enforcing rules for employees


62) Organizing includes ________.

A) defining organizational goals

B) resolving conflicts

C) motivating organizational members

D) determining who does what tasks


63) Resolving a conflict would be considered to fall under which managerial function?

A) controlling

B) planning

C) directing

D) leading

64) An important part of the controlling function is ________.

A) evaluating

B) structuring

C) coordinating

D) punishing


65) ________ developed a categorization scheme for defining what managers do, consisting of 10 different but highly interrelated roles.

A) Henri Fayol

B) Robert L. Katz

C) Henry Mintzberg

D) Henry Ford


66) Giving a speech at an organization banquet would fall into which Mintzberg category?

A) informational

B) interpersonal

C) decisional

D) entrepreneurial

67) Mintzberg developed his ten managerial roles by ________.

A) sending out questionnaires to thousands of managers

B) observing hundreds of managers over several years

C) closely monitoring the work activities of five chief executives

D) using common sense to analyze the situation


68) According to Mintzberg, which of the following fit into the category of interpersonal roles?

A) figurehead, leader, and liaison

B) negotiator, liaison, and figurehead

C) monitor, leader, and resource allocator

D) disturbance handler, liaison, and negotiator


69) A pharmaceutical company manager attending a meeting of academic scientists would be functioning in which role?

A) informational

B) figurehead

C) liaison

D) decisional

70) A finance manager who reads the Wall Street Journal on a regular basis would be performing which role?

A) leader

B) monitor

C) disseminator

D) liaison



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