61. Steve was recalling his first day in college, including

Question : 61. Steve was recalling his first day in college, including : 2126856

61. Steve was recalling his first day in college, including walking into the wrong class, dropping his books as he left, and the long line at the registrar's office he encountered when he had to switch classes. These memories are examples of

a. semantic memory.

b. implicit memory.

c. procedural memory.

d. episodic memory.

62. Korsakoff syndrome is caused by chronic alcohol abuse and damages the _______ in the brain.

a. hypothalamus

b. pituitary gland

c. pineal gland

d. none of the above

63. The hippocampus seems to be essential for __________.

a. the recall of old memories

b. maintaining one's balance

c. the formation of new long-term memories

d. proactive and retroactive inhibition

64. Which statement concerning long-term memory is TRUE?
a. Information in long-term is stored permanently.

b. Rehearsal is one of the primary methods information is moved from short-term to long-term.

c. The longer information is in short-term, the more likely it will be stored in long-term.

d. all of the above

65. An individual's semantic memory contains:

a. memories about events.

b. background knowledge about words, symbols, concepts and rules arranged as hierarchies of information in categories and subordinate categories.

c. autobiographical information about one's previous experiences.



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