61. Some areas in the Southwest require residents to install

Question : 61. Some areas in the Southwest require residents to install

61. Some areas in the Southwest require residents to install water-saving toilets in new homes. This is an example of

a. greenwashing.

b. attempting sustainability .

c. civil rights violation.

d. a boondoggle.

62. Who is affected by environmental degradation?

a. the poor much more than the rich

b. everyone about equally

c. men more than women

d. the young more than the old

63. The capitalist economic system is predicated on a continually increased consumption of resources to produce growth. As such, the very principle of a capitalist economy is

a. irrational.

b. unsustainable .

c. inventive.

d. constructive.

64. Even in the face of overwhelming evidence, and a broad consensus by the world scientific community, some influential people still insist on denying climate change and have attracted a considerable following. This example illustrates that

a. the evidence is not conclusive.

b. there is a broad conspiracy.

c. the problems is not significant .

d. all problems are socially constructed.

65. An effort to prevent illegal practices of exposing people of low status, resources, and political voice to undue environmental hazards is called

a. legal action.

b. environmental justice.

c. environmentalism .

d. the green movement.

66. In spite of their apparent physical presence, environmental issues have only relatively recently been recognized as genuine problems. Before issues become problems they must first _____ to become publically recognized as reality.

a. be researched

b. be confirmed by evidence

c. be framed

d. undergo public scrutiny

67. With less than 5 percent of the world’s population, the United States contributes to what proportion of the world’s waste?

a. less than 10%

b. about15%

c. about 30 %

d. over 35%

68. Which strategy is thought to be the MOST effective in protecting people and the environment?

a. international environmental governance

b. corporate-based solutions

c. government enforcement of regulation

d. environmental activism

69. In the United States people tend to _____ environmental threats. As a result, the wealthy are able to protect themselves, but no comprehensive effort exists to protect everyone, particularly the poor.

a. ignore

b. use an individualized approach to

c. overreact to

d. use an aggressive approach to

70. The individualized approach to environmental threats has _____ environmental problems.

a. alleviated most

b. solved some

c. contributed to more

d. had no impact on

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