61. Lassandra takes a sip of cola. "Sweet...cold, wet, tingly...slightly bitter,"

Question : 61. Lassandra takes a sip of cola. "Sweet...cold, wet, tingly...slightly bitter," : 1385842


61. Lassandra takes a sip of cola. "Sweet...cold, wet, tingly...slightly bitter," she reports. Lassandra is:

A. introspecting.

B. demonstrating functionalism.

C. defining umami.

D. taking intelligence test.

62. Which of the following was a disadvantage of introspection?

A. The process of introspection was complicated.

B. Introspection was time consuming.

C. Introspection was too simplistic.

D. Introspection was not truly scientific.

63. Which of the following statements is TRUE of the structuralist perspective of psychology?

A. The structuralist perspective was supplanted by other views.

B. The structuralist perspective triumphed over alternative ones.

C. The structuralist perspective continues to coexist with other views in psychology.

D. The structuralist perspective has waned somewhat, but it still remains influential today.

64. Which perspective most immediately replaced structuralism in the early days of scientific psychology?

A. Behaviorism

B. Humanism

C. Functionalism

D. Gestalt psychology

65. _____ is an early approach to psychology that concentrated on what the mind does and the role of behavior in allowing people to adapt to their environments.

A. Structuralism

B. Functionalism

C. Introspection

D. Gestalt psychology

66. A time travel mishap lands you at one of the first psychology conferences ever held, sometime at the dawn of the 20th century. The graying older scientists slowly losing their grip on the field are most likely _____, whereas the passionate young up-and-comers are probably _____.

A. structuralists; functionalists

B. functionalists; developmentalists

C. humanists; structuralists

D. humanists; functionalists

67. With respect to the psychology of emotion, William James and John Dewey would be most interested in:

A. the contribution of unconscious memories to one's emotional experience.

B. the basic nature of an emotional feeling or experience.

C. how behavior aids one's adaptation to the environment.

D. the organization of perception and thinking in a "whole" sense.

68. Which of the following psychologists is associated with functionalism?

A. William James

B. Max Wertheimer

C. Hermann Ebbinghaus

D. Wilhelm Wundt

69. Gestalt psychology may be seen as a reaction to _____.

A. the psychodynamic perspective

B. humanism

C. functionalism

D. structuralism

70. Which of the following approaches to psychology might have been most likely to remind the audience that "the whole is different than the sum of the parts"?

A. Phrenology

B. Functionalism

C. Structuralism

D. Gestalt psychology


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