61. Jerry filing for divorce. Lately, he also having trouble

Question : 61. Jerry filing for divorce. Lately, he also having trouble : 1411888


61. Jerry is filing for divorce. Lately, he is also having trouble at his job. Prior to these problems, he did not experience any sleep disorder but these days he finds it extremely hard to fall asleep. Which of the following disorders is he most likely suffering from?

A. Sleep apnea

B. Narcolepsy

C. Insomnia

D. Schizophrenia

62. Nikita is always tired. She goes to bed at about 10:30 every night and is asleep in seconds, but she wakes up frequently during the night. She is most likely suffering from:

A. night terrors.

B. sleep apnea.

C. narcolepsy.

D. insomnia.

63. Sleepwalking occurs during _____ of the sleep cycle.

A. stage 1

B. the REM stage

C. stages 3 and 4

D. all stages

64. Sleepwalking is:

A. usually due to the use of sleeping pills.

B. related to mental illness.

C. a normal phenomenon.

D. a symptom of sleep apnea.

65. Erika often walks in her sleep past midnight. In formal terms, she is said to be exhibiting _____.

A. somnambulism

B. somniloquy

C. insomnia

D. narcolepsy

66. Lily has been battling insomnia for a very long time. She recently began taking medication to help her sleep. After several weeks of taking the drug, she noticed that she no longer fits into most of her clothes. She realizes that she has put on ten pounds. Which of the following medications is she most likely taking?

A. Valium

B. Tylenol

C. Ambien

D. Prosom

67. After several instances of waking up in the morning to find empty food containers on her bedroom floor, Janice learns from her doctor that her sleep eating is likely a side effect of the use of:

A. Valium.

B. Ambien.

C. Xanax.

D. Ecstasy.

68. Theresa dreams that she is being chased by a lion. This is an example of:

A. somnambulism.

B. somniloquy.

C. insomnia.

D. a nightmare.

69. Night terrors typically occur:

A. among older adults.

B. during non-REM sleep.

C. due to sleep apnea.

D. within an hour of falling asleep.

70. Night terrors differ from nightmares as night terrors:

A. occur during the slow-wave stage 4.

B. are frightening dreams that awaken a dreamer.

C. are more common than nightmares.

D. occur during the REM sleep.



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