61) Hinduism A) has always denounced the caste system. B) now

Question : 61) Hinduism A) has always denounced the caste system. B) now : 2039753

61) Hinduism

A) has always denounced the caste system.

B) is now the minority religion in India.

C) denounces mysticism.

D) is a universalizing religion.

E) places special emphasis on the use of Sanskrit.

62) The Buddha

A) was born into a wealthy family in northern India.

B) promised his followers an afterlife.

C) supported the caste system.

D) eventually converted to Hinduism.

E) founded Islam.

63) In which country of South Asia is Hinduism the majority religion?

A) Bangladesh

B) Nepal

C) Pakistan

D) Sri Lanka

E) Bhutan

64) Of the following regions or countries of South Asia, where would you be most likely to find a Muslim?

A) Kerala

B) Nepal

C) Kashmir

D) Bhutan

E) Sri Lanka

65) In what part of India are Dravidian languages most likely to be spoken?

A) north

B) east

C) west

D) south

E) center

66) Which of the following is true of Hinduism?

A) Hinduism lacks a single, uniformly accepted belief system.

B) Hinduism is a monotheistic religion.

C) Hinduism is a universalizing religion.

D) Hinduism originated in the Indus Valley.

E) Hinduism emerged in the 1500s.

67) With which religion was the Mughal Empire of South Asia identified?

A) Hinduism

B) Islam

C) Jainism

D) Bahai

E) Christianity

68) Where in India do Muslims live?

A) in the north

B) in the south

C) in almost every part of the country

D) in the west

E) in the east

69) What behavior does the South Asian religion of Jainism emphasize over all others?

A) tolerance

B) prayer

C) fasting

D) nonviolence

E) honesty

70) What religion dominates in India?

A) Buddhism

B) Christianity

C) Islam

D) Sikhism

E) Hinduism

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