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61) Even with XML, different types of devices will require a different page.

62) Web services allow for communication between programs over the Internet.

63) UDDI stands for Underwritten Data Dictionary Inquiry.

64) Web Services Description Language is an XML-based grammar.

65) SOAP is an insignificant Web standard.

66) Lack of secure standards and lack of user acceptance are the major issues that must be resolved with Web services.

67) The client/server architectures that have evolved can be distinguished by the distribution of ________ across clients and servers.

A) memory

B) files

C) application logic components

D) query logic components

68) Geolocation logic is the application logic component responsible for data storage and retrieval.

69) A client PC that is responsible for presentation logic, application logic, and many DBMS functions is called a fat client.

70) A computer that provides database storage and access in a client/server environment is called a:

A) database server.

B) file server.

C) cloud data store.

D) none of the above.



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