61. During the Cold War, the term ?Iron Curtain? was

Question : 61. During the Cold War, the term ?Iron Curtain? was : 1726335


61. During the Cold War, the term ?Iron Curtain? was used to refer to the way the Soviets divided Europe into Eastern and Western portions, with Eastern Europe under communist rule.

62. The United States and the Soviet Union were the main adversaries in the Cold War.

63. Terrorism is a nonpolitical act that is designed to recruit people to the terrorists‘ religion through striking fear in people who do not believe the same things.

64. The United States and NATO created an International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) to provide a secure environment for the development of a legitimate government in Afghanistan.

65. The objective of U.S. foreign policy in Afghanistan is not to bring Western-style democracy to Afghanistan, but to ensure that the country does not become a safe haven for terrorists.

66. According to the ?Compared to What?? feature box, world public opinion is generally supportive of Barack Obama‘s commitment to take a multilateral approach to U.S. foreign policy.

67. The employment of NATO troops in Bosnia in 1995 was unusual, as traditionally NATO forces were never deployed outside Western Europe.

68. According to the feature box titled ?The Game, the Rules, the Players,? Operation Desert Storm was a quick and decisive military victory for the United States that resulted in relatively few casualties.

69. U.S. involvement in Vietnam was largely driven by the philosophy of containment.

70. Most of the American people oppose the war in Afghanistan and oppose increasing troop levels there, while also saying that they approve of the way President Obama is handling the situation.


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