61) Australia's Aborigines A) came to the continent about 2,500

Question : 61) Australia's Aborigines A) came to the continent about 2,500 : 2039791

61) Australia's Aborigines

A) came to the continent about 2,500 years ago.

B) all speak the same language.

C) did not sign treaties with the colonizing Europeans.

D) have, for the most part, continued to live their traditional lifestyle.

E) have home ownership rates equal to those of Australians of British ancestry.

62) What is the cultural origin of the majority of Australia's population?

A) the Aboriginal population

B) France

C) Spain

D) Britain

E) South Asia

63) The Maori

A) are concentrated on the South Island.

B) make up less than 3 percent of the New Zealand population.

C) have a greater impact on New Zealand than the Aborigines do in Australia.

D) ruled most of New Zealand until the early twentieth century.

E) do not favor the return to the use of the name "Aotearoa" for New Zealand.

64) Where in Australia/Oceania do anthropologists have the greatest chance of finding "uncontacted peoples"?

A) Australia

B) New Zealand

C) Fiji

D) New Guinea

E) Tasmania

65) Hawaii

A) closed itself to outside influence for most of the nineteenth century.

B) has always welcomed haoles.

C) has declared Pidgin English its official language.

D) is a possession of Japan.

E) does not have a white majority.

66) About how many different languages have been identified in Papua New Guinea?

A) 1

B) 30

C) 200

D) 350

E) 1,000

67) France and the United States have both used the South Pacific for which of the following purposes, creating major health and environmental problems in Oceania?

A) forestry

B) nuclear testing

C) pollution exporting

D) prison colonies

E) tourism

68) Which of the following countries is NOT part of Melanesia?

A) Fiji

B) Papua New Guinea

C) New Zealand

D) Solomon Islands

E) Vanuatu

69) In the early days of its colonization, Britain used Australia as a ________.

A) source of natural resources

B)  source of slaves

C) tourist destination

D) prison colony

E) plantation

70) What is the situation today between indigenous Fijians and Indo-Fijians in Fiji?

A) The two groups coexist peacefully.

B) Ethnic tensions exist between the two groups.

C) Intermarriage between the two groups is common.

D) The Indo-Fijians have enslaved the indigenous Fijians.

E) The indigenous Fijians have enslaved the Indo-Fijians.

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