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Question : 61) As the 1845 painting Politics in an Oyster House


61) As the 1845 painting Politics in an Oyster House suggests:

A)inexpensive newspapers played an influential role in politics.

B)blacks and whites both followed politics closely.

C)women and men discussed politics together.

D)only the elite followed politics.

62) In both the 1824 and 1828 elections, where did Jackson carry the fewest states?

A)the Upper South

B)New England

C)the Lower South

D)the Old Northwest Answer: B

63) The rise and fall of the Philadelphia Working Men’s Party illustrates that:

A)American communities were becoming diverse societies of competing interests.

B)almost all Philadelphians shared common interests.

C)appeals to class resentments were a successful political tool.

D)American politics were more local than national.

64) In the election of 1824: A) Clay ran as a Whig.

B)Crawford ran as a Federalist.

C)Jackson ran as a Democrat.

D)all the candidates ran as Republicans.

65) The main issue of the election of 1832 was: A) repeal of the Tariff of 1832.

B)Jackson’s veto of the Bank recharter bill.

C)Indian removal policy.

D)Harrison’s military career.

66) Indian responses to Indian removal efforts included: A) armed resistance.

B)peaceful acceptance.

C)challenge in the courts.

D)all of the above Answer: D

67) The Cherokee “Trail of Tears” led from Tennessee, North Carolina, and Georgia to: A) Oklahoma.




68) Tyler was chosen as the vice presidential candidate in 1840 to broaden the Whig appeal in:  A) the West.

B)the South.

C)New England.

D)the Old Northwest.

69) After Jackson vetoed the Maysville Road Bill: A) he vetoed all other internal improvement bills.

B)he supported millions of dollars of other projects.

C)the Supreme Court overruled his veto.

D)few additional projects were funded by the states or the federal government.

70) The Whig Party organized in response to: A) Jackson’s issue of the Specie Circular.

B)Martin Van Buren’s election.

C)William Henry Harrison’s candidacy.

D)Jackson’s veto of the renewal of the Bank of the United States charter.



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