61) A collection of individuals whose common work experiences result

Question : 61) A collection of individuals whose common work experiences result : 1414491


61) A collection of individuals whose common work experiences result in the development of a system of interpersonal relationships that extend beyond those established by management is a/an ________.

A) work team

B) task group

C) informal group

D) command group

E) committee

62) Informal groups are divided into ________ and ________.

A) committees; work teams

B) friendship groups; task groups

C) command groups; task groups

D) committees; interest groups

E) interest groups; friendship groups

63) Which of the following is an example of an interest group?

A) a group of friends interested in interested in rock music

B) a quarterly work planning group

C) a group meeting to consider the feasibility of a new product

D) a group meeting to prepare the monthly financial reports

E) a group of workers pressing management for better pay

64) Betty, working for Creative Minds Advertising, decided with few of her colleagues to have a potluck lunch once in a month. This is an example of ________. 

A) a friendship group

B) an interest group

C) a committee

D) a task group

E) a special-purpose team

65) An informal group that gains and maintains membership primarily because of a common concern members have about a specific issue is called ________.

A) a work team

B) a friendship group

C) a command group

D) an interest group

E) a committee

66) Personal factors as recreational interests, race, gender, and religion serve as foundations for ________.

A) interest groups

B) work teams

C) friendship groups

D) committees

E) special-purpose teams

67) Interest groups are ________.

A) command groups

B) self-managed work teams

C) formal groups

D) task groups

E) informal groups

68) Informal groups that form in organizations because of the personal affiliation members have with one another are called ________.

A) interest groups

B) friendship groups

C) formal groups

D) work groups

E) task groups

69) Which of the following is one of the primary benefits of informal group membership?

A) developing new ideas for solving existing organizational problems

B) promoting discipline in the organization

C) perpetuating social and cultural values that group members consider important

D) providing basic structure of division of work and responsibilities

E) generating clarity on what support and input each employee can expect from others

70) Which of the following is an analytical tool that can be used to determine what informal groups exists in an organization and who the members of those groups are?

A) informal matrix

B) sociometry

C) social network diagram


E) reciprocity diagram



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