6. Which of the following would lead a community

Question : 6. Which of the following would lead a community : 2134884

6. Which of the following would lead a community health nurse to suspect possible child neglect? Select all that apply.

A) 15-year-old Lucy misses school once a week to watch her baby sister while her mother works

B) Six-year-old Sam plays in the yard with a sweater on when it is 60 degrees outside

C) Twins Bobby and Billy arrive at school in dirty and smelly clothing most school days

D) 11-year-old Samantha comes to school without lunch or lunch money each day

E) Nine-year-old Bobby misses school two or three times a month due to asthma attacks

F) 14-year-old Jennifer watches her neighbor's 2-year-old every Saturday

7. After teaching a group of students about abuse and families, the instructor determines that the students need additional instruction when they state which of the following?

A) Women who accept battering are mentally ill.

B) Those being battered have low self-esteem and a damaged spirit.

C) Family violence occurs across all incomes.

D) Domestic violence has no gender or sexual boundaries.

8. A community health nurse is preparing a presentation for a community group about crisis. Which of the following would the nurse include as the first event?

A) Disruption in equilibrium

B) Coping activities

C) Force disrupting the balance

D) Alteration in function

9. In preparation for an examination on the history of family violence, a group of students reviews the various laws enacted for protection. The students demonstrate understanding when they identify which of the following as one of the earliest laws enacted?

A) Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment and Adoption Reform Act

B) Family Violence Prevention and Services Act

C) Keeping Children and Families Safe Act

D) Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act

10. Which of the following would the community health nurse identify as an act of sexual exploitation of a child?

A) Child pornography

B) Child molestation

C) Fondling of child's genitals

D) Vaginal penetration with an object

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