6. The Booth rule applicable in which of the four

Question : 6. The Booth rule applicable in which of the four : 2132700

6. The Booth rule is applicable in which of the four varieties of invasion of privacy?

A. appropriation

B. intrusion

C. private facts

D. false light

7. In privacy law, the doctrine of incidental use means

A. a person whose image appears in a news story about a public incident cannot sue for invasion of privacy.

B. the public incidents in a person's life cannot be shielded by privacy law.

C. a brief or fleeting use of a person's name or likeness in a commercial vehicle is permitted.

D. a claim of invasion of privacy might accompany a claim of incidental libel in a lawsuit.

8. The use of an individual's photo without consent on the cover of a novel would be considered

A. An appropriation.

B. A breach of contract.

C. A publication of private facts.

D. Trademark infringement.

9. Legislation adopted by states and the federal government since the terrorist attacks of 9/11 has

A. increased personal protection for privacy on the Internet, but not in other forms of communication.

B. placed national security interests above the right to privacy.

C. has made it harder for corporations to gather personal information about individuals.

D. has resulted in an increase in right to privacy lawsuits.

10. While celebrities or actress can protect the right to their own name or likeness, they have no legal right to protect their interest in a fictional character with which they have become closely identified through a film or television series.



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