6) Sal being evaluated as a possible candidate for the

Question : 6) Sal being evaluated as a possible candidate for the : 2130119

6) Sal is being evaluated as a possible candidate for the space program. On which of Howard Gardner's multiple intelligences would we expect him to excel if he is a good candidate?

a. spatial reasoning

b. interpersonal

c. naturalist

d. intrapersonal

7) The ability to produce work that is both novel and appropriate is called

a. insight.

b. heuristics.

c. creativity.

d. latent learning.

8) Galton’s intelligence test items are to ________________ as Binet and Simon’s intelligence test items are to ________________.

a. abstract thinking; concrete thinking

b. general intelligence; specific intelligences

c. sensation; higher mental processes

d. crystallized intelligence; fluid intelligence

9) Dean is learning how to drive a car. What type of intelligence would Dean most likely be using?

a. naturalistic

b. practical

c. fluid

d. crystallized

10) Sternberg is to Spearman as ______________ is to ______________.

a. general (g) intelligence; practical intelligence

b. analytical intelligence; general (g) intelligence

c. multiple intelligences; specific abilities

d. creative intelligence; crystallized intelligence

11) Which individual is likely to have an IQ score that is most similar to Darrell’s?

a. Darrell’s adopted brother Dave

b. Darrell’s cousin Sarah

c. Darrell’s sister Debra

d. Darrell’s cousin Derreck



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