6. MacKenzie frequently tells her brother to “shut up”, but

Question : 6. MacKenzie frequently tells her brother to “shut up”, but : 2096025

6. MacKenzie frequently tells her brother to “shut up”, but she would never tell her mother to “shut up”. MacKenzie is demonstrating the concept of

a. semantics.

b. pragmatics.

c. morphology.

d. syntax.

7. Social cognitive theory emphasizes the role of __________ in language learning.

a. babbling

b. joint attention

c. imitation

d. early phonemic discrimination

8. According to Skinner, language is shaped through

a. innate mechanisms that are wired into the brain.

b. cooing and babbling.

c. data crunching the stream of words that we hear.

d. operant conditioningand the use of reinforcement.

9. The idea that a grammatical structure for language is hardwired in our brain comes from

a. social cognitive theory.

b. nativism.

c. operant conditioning.

d. information processing theory.

10. Children will say things that they have never heard before, such as “I goed outside to play”. This production of unique sentences is best explained by

a. social cognitive theory.

b. operant conditioning.

c. nativism.

d. information processing theory.



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