6. If a parent or relative sues for invasion of

Question : 6. If a parent or relative sues for invasion of : 2132705

6. If a parent or relative sues for invasion of privacy because of stories about the death of a family member

A. Courts always reject such suits.

B. Courts always allow such suits.

C. Courts usually reject such suits, but a few courts have allowed such suits.

D. Courts only in California allow such suits.

7. Which of the four invasion of privacy torts has received the least recognition by state courts?

A. appropriation

B. publication of private facts

C. false light

D. intrusion

8. Most observers agree that the rampant disclosure of personal information gathered legally and illegally through the Internet is a serious threat to personal privacy. But little has been done to control the dissemination of this information because

A. the Federal Trade Commission has consistently opposed government action to stop this flow of information.

B. the courts have ruled that the dissemination of this information is protected by the First Amendment.

C. business leaders have successfully stymied attempts by the Congress to legislate in this area.

D. the technology to control this dissemination does not yet exist.

9. The two areas of the law of privacy that currently seem most affected by the Internet are

A. appropriation and intrusion.

B. appropriation and private facts.

C. private facts and intrusion.

D. false light and private facts.

10. A plaintiff in a false light privacy suit must show

A. The defendant's behavior amounted to actual malice.

B. The story had no public interest.

C. The plaintiff's identity was used for purely commercial purposes.

D. The plaintiff had a reasonable expectation of privacy.


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