6. During a home visit, a client asks the community

Question : 6. During a home visit, a client asks the community : 2134880

6. During a home visit, a client asks the community health nurse to take her shopping to purchase some of the food items she needs for her diet. Which response by the nurse would be most appropriate?

A) “I can't. I'm going in a totally different direction.”

B) “You need to find some other way to get to the store.”

C) “I'll help you find a way to get to the store.”

D) “Use the foods you have in the house and shop next week.”

7. While making a family health visit, an older relative who is visiting has been drinking and becomes verbally abusive and increasingly loud. Which action by the community health nurse would be best?

A) Continue the visit with caution.

B) Suggest the relative go into another room and take a nap.

C) Ask the sober family members to take the visitor home.

D) Terminate the visit, making plans for another visit.

8. During a home visit and assessment of an infant and new mother, the nurse determines that the infant looks healthy. The mother seems very interested and asks several questions. One is, “Will you come to see me again?” Which response would be most appropriate?

A) “The baby looks good, so one or two visits more are all that is needed.”

B) “The agency limits the number of visits I can make; I will let you know.”

C) “I can come as often as you like; what would you like to accomplish together?”

D) “I can come weekly for the next 16 weeks, and then a staff nurse will visit.”

9. A community health nurse is about to make the first home visit to a family based on a referral from the hospital where the high-risk infant was born to an adolescent mother about 6 days ago. The nurse plans to assess the family and home environment and provide anticipatory guidance. On arrival the mother sleepily answers the door after the nurse rings the bell and knocks several times. The mother lets the nurse in but is not happy to see the nurse. She gets the infant and places him in the nurse's arms, then sits across the room and turns on the TV. Which response by the nurse would be most appropriate?

A) “You must be very tired caring for a newborn baby.”

B) “I wasn't planning to hold the baby. You should hold him: you are the mother.”

C) “I need to talk to you, so please turn off the TV.”

D) “How do you feel being a mother at 17?”

10. When making a home visit, which of the following would be most helpful to ensure successful planning?

A) Documentation in a timely manner

B) Summarizing the main points of the visit

C) Providing incidental teaching

D) Scheduling an appropriate visit time

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