6) 1. In 1959 Waterloo received its official charter and

Question : 6) 1. In 1959 Waterloo received its official charter and : 2007975

6) 1. In 1959 Waterloo received its official charter and independence.

2.The first became federated with the University of Waterloo in 1960, and the second became Waterloo Lutheran University, a separate institution now called Wilfrid Laurier University.

3.The relationship, in many ways, reflects that of established successful parents and their newly-adult, independent, equally-successful, and somewhat rebellious offspring.

4.Western became non-denominational in 1908 and added many other faculties.

5.UWO is the parent, having been established first.

6.The University of Western Ontario, in London, Ontario, and the Universities of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier, in Waterloo, Ontario, while seeming rivals, actually have very strong ties to one another.

7.In fact, UWO began in 1863 with Huron College, an Anglican theological school; arts courses came next, and then, in 1882, its world-renowned Medical school affiliated itself with the University.

8.Western's world-famous Medical school is now rivaled by its offspring, the University of Waterloo's Engineering and Computer Science programs.

9.Waterloo's associated colleges included the University of St. Jerome's College, and Waterloo College.

10.The University of Waterloo began in 1957 as an affiliated Engineering faculty of the University of Western Ontario, and offered the first co-operative education program in Canada.

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