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5.Give an example of a situation in which a business can treat an ethical challenge as an opportunity.

6.How can both small and large businesses establish a common ethical framework for employees and executives?

7.Think of a time when you have been in an ethical dilemma.Maybe a friend asked you to do something you weren’t sure was right.What was the outcome?Had you asked yourself the three-questions test or the newspaper test, would you have done things differently?

8.Are these things unethical? When might they not be?

a.Taking things that don’t belong to you.What about pens from work?

b.Buying influence or engaging in a conflict of interest.

c.Saying things you know are not true.

d.Violating rules.

e.Giving or allowing false impressions.

f.Hiding or divulging information.

g.Committing improper personal behaviour.

h.Abusing another person.

i.Permitting organizational abuse.

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