56. Daphne King of Cleborn Pharmaceuticals tells a sales management

Question : 56. Daphne King of Cleborn Pharmaceuticals tells a sales management : 1624942

56. Daphne King of Cleborn Pharmaceuticals tells a sales management class at the state university that her job is to call on doctors and explain the benefits of new prescription drugs that her firm develops. Daphne would call herself a(n):

a. technical salesperson.

b. missionary salesperson. c. order taker.

d. order getter.

e. trade salesperson.

57. Jana works for Hormel Foods and she frequently sets up special displays and distributes samples of Hormel products to customers in supermarkets. Jana would best be classified as a(n):

a. trade salesperson.

b. technical salesperson. c. inside order taker.

d. field order taker.

e. missionary salesperson.

58. Maria Martinez works for a cosmetics manufacturer and is responsible for ensuring that retailers have adequate quantities of products when they need them. However, she is directing much of her effort toward helping the retailers promote the products. She would be characterized as belonging to:

a. trade salespeople. b. field order takers.

c. advisory salespeople. d. technical salespeople. e. order getters.

59. Nick is a salesperson for a chemical company. His college degree is in engineering, with a minor in physical

science. He was trained to advice customers on the unique characteristics of each product. Nick is most likely a(n):

a. trade salesperson.

b. missionary salesperson. c. technical salesperson.

d. chemicals order taker. e. field order taker.

60. A support salesperson who usually advises customers on product characteristics and application, system design, and installation procedures is a(n):

a. trade salesperson. b. inside order taker. c. field order taker.

d. missionary salesperson. e. technical salesperson.

61. Ryan Scott leads his company's clients through the installation procedure of their new industrial equipment. He also helps answer their questions about product characteristics and system design both before and after their purchases. Ryan is a:

a. trade salesperson.

b. missionary salesperson. c. technical salesperson.

d. systems engineer. e. field order taker.

62. Natalie is a sales representative with Nike. In a few days, she will join with people from the firm's financial, engineering, and other functional areas to engage in the personal selling process. Natalie is engaged in:

a. trade selling.

b. missionary selling. c. relationship selling. d. team selling.

e. technical selling.

63. Which of the following is particularly appropriate for pricey high-tech business products, such as jet aircraft and medical equipment?

a. Team selling

b. Relationship selling c. Trade selling

d. Technical selling e. Missionary selling

64. Which of the following involves building mutually beneficial long-term associations with a custome usually a business custome through regular communications over prolonged periods of time?

a. Trade selling

b. Missionary selling c. Exclusive selling d. Team selling

e. Relationship selling

65. All of the following are key areas of sales force management except:

a. compensating salespeople.

b. coordinating sales promotion efforts. c. recruiting salespeople.

d. training sales personnel.

e. motivating sales personnel.

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