51.Winthrop Richardson Gottrocks the newborn son of Lovely City's oldest

Question : 51.Winthrop Richardson Gottrocks the newborn son of Lovely City's oldest : 1402689


51.Winthrop Richardson Gottrocks is the newborn son of Lovely City's oldest family. Given his social class position, we might expect all of the following are likely to be true EXCEPT:

a.he is a full-term baby

b.he is less likely to have fetal alcohol syndrome

c.he is more likely to smoke

d.in adulthood he is less likely to be employed in a hazardous occupation

52.All of the following are true politically about the poor and the working class EXCEPT:

a.most believe that current levels of income inequality are unfair

b.they are more likely to support measures that increase equality of opportunity

c.they are more likely to vote Democratic

d.they believe that social difference ought to be based on individual achievement

53.The upper class may be divided into two parts:

a.those who are active in national politics and those who are not

b.those who are born into the upper class and those who are newly arrived

c.those who favor a more equitable distribution of resources and those who do not

d.those whose capital is tied up in the industrial sector of the economy and those whose capital is invested in banking

54.Which of the following statements concerning the upper class in the United States is NOT true?

a.They constitute no more than 3 percent of the population.

b.They control a disproportionate amount of wealth and resources.

c.They generally vote Democratic.

d.They tend to separate themselves from the rest of American society.

55.Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of the "power elite"?

a.It controls a disproportionate amount of wealth.

b.It includes high-level employees in the government and military.

c.It is highly cohesive.

d.There is relatively easy movement into and out of this group.

56.The concept of the hyper-rich is based on the fact that:

a.their wealth has accumulated over several hundreds of years

b.they own a vast number of manufacturing businesses

c.their average annual income is in excess of $3 million a year

d.power is concentrated in the hands of those who are excessively wealthy

57.The idea that competing centers of wealth and power within the upper class prevent it from becoming a cohesive ruling class is known as the:

a.governing class theory

b.pluralist theory

c.power elite theory

d.theory of mass society

58.The largest single class in American society is the:

a.middle class


c.upper class

d.working class

59.People whose income is derived from small businesses may be classified as members of the:



c.petit bourgeoisie


60.Which of the following statements about the suburban middle class is correct?

a.It is composed largely of highly educated professionals.

b.It is culturally diverse.

c.It is mostly composed of "yuppies."

d.There is little mobility into it from the working class.



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