51.Which of the following NOT a characteristic of political parties? a.Their

Question : 51.Which of the following NOT a characteristic of political parties? a.Their : 1402807


51.Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of political parties?

a.Their purpose is to gain legitimate control of the government.

b.They come to power through the use of force and coercion.

c.They have an ideological base.

d.They often represent competing groups with the same values.

52.An organization that is led by a few people who stay in office indefinitely rather than for limited periods is:

a.an interest group

b.an oligarchy

c.a political-action committee

d.a political party

53.Revolutionary political parties differ from more traditional political parties in that they:

a.are more likely to participate in elections

b.do not recognize the legitimacy of the state

c.do not represent the interests of a significant segment of the population

d.must conduct their activities in secret

54.Which of the following terms refers to the seizure of state power by a military faction?

a.coup d’état


c.protest movement


55.A coup d’état usually results in:

a.revolutionary change throughout the society

b.the establishment of a classless society

c.the establishment of a democracy

d.the establishment of an oligarchy

56.Harold Lasswell warned that nations might be moving toward a system of "garrison states." By this he meant that:

a.local police departments had a disproportionate amount of influence in national affairs

b.modern technology was depriving people of their fundamental rights

c.the military was emerging as the most powerful group in society

d.the world was on the brink of international war

57.Upon leaving office, President Eisenhower warned the American public of the emergence of a "military-industrial complex." By this he meant that:

a.modern technology was becoming a threat to individual liberty

b.the United States was becoming a police state

c.spending on social welfare was threatening the national defense

d.suppliers of military equipment were gaining undue influence over other institutions

58.A political system in which all citizens have the right to participate in public decision making is:

a.a democracy

b.an interest group

c.an oligarchy

d.a totalitarian regime

59.Which of the following is NOT a factor that contributes to the effective functioning of democracies?

a.One or more sets of leaders who do not hold office act as a legitimate opposition.

b.One set of political leaders holds office.

c.The political culture legitimizes the democratic system and its institutions.

d.Those that hold office are able to maintain their position indefinitely.

60.The type of democratic rule found in Great Britain is called:

a.an oligarchical system

b.a parliamentary system

c.a representative system

d.a totalitarian system



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