51.When Susan started work at Henderson Textile Co., she was

Question : 51.When Susan started work at Henderson Textile Co., she was : 1418420


51.When Susan started work at Henderson Textile Co., she was amazed at its employees who would take 30-minute restroom breaks, leave for the day at 2 p.m., and generally belittle the company's management. Such employees' actions most likely developed over time as a result of a faulty ____.

a.general environment


c.response to an opportunity

d.organizational culture

e.formalization strategy

52.____ is a primary source of organizational culture.

a.The company's founder

b.The organization's competitive strategy

c.The industry in which the organization operates



53.After an organization's founders are gone, the organization can use ____ to sustain its organizational culture.

a.industry associations

b.organizational heroes

c.organizational structure

d.organizational maps

e.reciprocal formalization

54.According to a book by a Harvard Business School professor, some organizational cultures simply cannot meet the challenges posed by innovation and must respond to threats from new technologies by building outside ventures. Digital Equipment is described as having one of those organizational cultures.  The company squandered the opportunities presented by the PC revolution even though it was well equipped to build cheap PCs. The company did not have ____.



c.a formula for success laddering

d.knowledge management


55.Which of the following is a characteristic of successful organizational cultures?




d.a clear mission

e.all of these

56.The Edmonton Oilers ice hockey team develops a sense of history for its current players by raising banners showing its success - five championships - and the retired numbers of great players from the past in its stadium and locker room. What tactics for maintaining organizational culture are the Edmonton Oilers using?

a.organizational complexity and consistency

b.organizational benchmarking

c.cultural laddering

d.organizational stories and organizational heroes

e.behavioral addition and behavioral substitution

57.One of the difficulties encountered in recent mergers has been the inability of employees in the two existing organizational cultures to operate harmoniously. In other words, merging organizational cultures often lack the ____ that would increase the likelihood of a merger's success.




58.One of the problems with many of the dot-com companies that failed in the mid-1990s was a lower and middle management adherence to innovation and an expectation that work would be fun while top management envisioned the company being profitable and the elimination of unnecessary expenses. These companies lacked ____ in their organizational cultures.




d.broad spans of management


59.Organizations use behavioral addition, behavioral substitution, and ____ to change their organizational culture.

a.media advocacy

b.visible artifacts

c.psychological counseling

d.affective stores

e.incremental valences

60.____ is the process of having managers and employees perform new behaviors that are central to and symbolic of the new organizational culture a company wants to create.

a.Relationship transformation

b.Behavioral substitution


d.Attitudinal modification

e.Behavioral addition



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