51.The greatest density of rods found in the fovea of

Question : 51.The greatest density of rods found in the fovea of : 1417047


51.The greatest density of rods is found in the fovea of the macula lutea.

52.Accommodation permits near vision.

53.In hyperopia the far source is focused on the retina with accommodation and the near source is focused behind the retina.

54.Photoreceptors, bipolar cells, and ganglion cells all transmit action potentials.

55.The visual cortex on the right side receives information from the lateral side of the right eye and the media side of the left eye.

56.The visual message detected by the retina is transmitted intact to the visual cortex.

57.Unlike the visual pathways, auditory signals from each ear are transmitted to both hemispheres.

58.The amplitude of sound waves is interpreted as the pitch of the sound.

59.The stapes is attached to the round window.

60.The function of the eustachian tube is to provide a drainage path for the fluid in the inner ear.


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