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51.The degree to which programmed solutions are available to people or functions to solve the problems they encounter is known as _____. 

A. task identity

B. task specialization

C. task autonomy

D. task variety

E. task analyzability

52.Task variety refers to: 

A. the degree to which programmed solutions are available to people or functions to solve the problems they encounter.

B. the number of new or unexpected problems that a person or function encounters in performing jobs.

C. the degree to which a worker finds his job captivating or interesting.

D. the number of different goods or services that a particular company markets.

E. the degree to which a particular task needs highly skilled workforce.

53.Which of the following is more likely to be true for an organization that has a highly skilled workforce? 

A. The structure of the organization inclines more toward being mechanistic in nature.

B. Authority is concentrated at the top of the organizational hierarchy.

C. Employees are guided and governed by strict rules, SOPs, and norms.

D. Employees are closed monitored by their supervisors.

E. The organizational culture is based on values that foster employee autonomy.

54.The greater the level of uncertainty in an organization’s environment: 

A. the more complex its strategy and technology.

B. the less qualified and skilled its workforce.

C. the less likely employees are to be given autonomy.

D. the more likely managers are to design a mechanistic structure. 

E. the more likely the organizational culture is rigid and inflexible.

55.The process by which managers decide how to divide tasks into specific jobs is known as _____. 

A. job design

B. job procurement

C. span of control

D. task analyzability

E. integrating mechanization

56.The result of the job design process is a(n): 

A. decrease in efficiency and effectiveness.

B. division of labor among employees.

C. decrease in employee productivity.

D. increase in the number of tasks that each employee has to perform.

E. decrease in job specialization.

57.Which of the following is a result of too much job simplification? 

A. Increased motivation among employees

B. Reduced job monotony

C. Reduced efficiency

D. Increased level of performance

E. Greater number of tasks for each employee

58.Increasing the number of different tasks in a given job by changing the division of labor is known as _____. 

A. job simplification

B. job enlargement

C. job enrichment

D. span of control

E. job autonomy

59.Kevin noticed that Derek, an automotive technician at his repair shop, was getting bored of repeatedly performing the lone task of changing oil, so Kevin assigned him the additional duty of fixing tires. This is an example of _____. 

A. job simplification

B. job enrichment

C. job enlargement

D. span of control

E. task analyzability

60.Increasing the degree of responsibility a worker has over a job is called _____. 

A. job enlargement

B. job simplification

C. job enrichment

D. span of control

E. task analyzability



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