51.Since leadership all about impact, as long as behaviors change,

Question : 51.Since leadership all about impact, as long as behaviors change, : 1409005


51.Since leadership is all about impact, as long as behaviors change, the results from the actions of leaders are considered desirable.

52.Strong, demanding leaders will always succeed at leading change.

53.If there is no common sense of purpose, leaders at operational levels can formulate strategy and then change that strategy in response to or anticipation of a dynamic environment.

54.Organizational purpose refers to the clearly articulated values and strategies of the organization.

55.Having a clearly articulated common purpose reduces the autonomy at lower levels in the organization.

56.Stretch goals focus on the need for employee development during times of strategic renewal.

57.By setting demanding performance goals that drive change, leadership enhances employee commitment to adopt the new behaviors required of outstanding performance.

58.Effective leaders communicate upward to make sure employees at all levels understand in a clear and consistent way the purpose and direction of the firm.

59.Lack of knowledge possessed by employees at lower hierarchical levels puts management at an advantage because they don’t understand the degree to which the change goals articulated and pursued are both being implemented and achieving the desired results.

60.Through acknowledging the need to learn from lower organizational levels, creating channels for upward communication, and pushing down decision making, effective change leadership responds to a dynamic competitive environment and gains valuable insight into the effectiveness of that response.

61.By acknowledging that they do not know everything, management creates suspicion and mistrust, hampering communication from employees to the top.

62.By forging an emotional bond between employees and the organization, leaders create a deep and robust sense of commitment to the goals of the organization and to changes required to achieve a renewed strategy and sustain outstanding performance.

63.Leadership is an art and therefore it simply cannot be taught.

64.Effective change leadership will be exercised by multiple individuals at different levels and in different units of the organization.

65.Effective change leadership requires alignment between words and deeds.



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