51.Multifunctional teams: a.allow organizations to concentrate their internal environments and ignore

Question : 51.Multifunctional teams: a.allow organizations to concentrate their internal environments and ignore


51.Multifunctional teams:

a.allow organizations to concentrate on their internal environments and ignore the external environments until they have completed the brainstorming process

b.were primarily used by dotcoms and are no longer popular

c.speed innovation through early identification of new ideas or problems that would typically not have been generated until much later not typically use milestones because of group cohesiveness

e.replace organizational structures on a typical organizational chart

52.The ____ approach to managing innovation assumes that innovation is a predictable process made up of a series of steps and that compressing the time it takes to complete those steps can speed up innovation.






53.ARI is a leading provider of sales and profit-building technology services for equipment dealers. When Unverferth Manufacturing, a supplier of agricultural equipment wanted to change the way it supplied information to its dealers by implementing a Web site, it contacted ARI. ARI presented the manufacturer with a solution that allowed it to replace its paper catalogs with catalogs on CDs as well as to create a Web site. Unverferth was able to eliminate costly paper catalogs and gain the ability to provide up-to-the-minute information to its dealers. This incremental change that was aided by supplier involvement was an example of the ____ approach to innovation.





54.It is appropriate to use a(n) ____ approach to manage innovation in more certain environments during periods of incremental change, in which the goals are lower costs and incremental improvements in the performance and function of the existing technological design.






55.The goals of the compression approach to innovation are:

a.speed, lower costs, and incremental change of dominant design

b.the development of milestones and the comparison of actual milestones with forecasts

c.the establishment of a dominant design and speed

d.absolute-time management and the creation of a dominant design

e.a matrix innovation process and a sustainable competitive advantage

56.The first step in the compression approach to innovation is:

a.overlapping of the individual steps


c.supplier involvement

d.granting autonomy

e.creating multifunctional teams

57.____ are an important part of both the compression approach and the experiential approach to innovation.

a.Multifunctional teams

b.Design iterations


d.Synergistic processes

e.Overlapping steps

58.When incremental improvements are made to a dominant technological design such that the improved version of the technology is fully backward compatible with the older version, ____ is said to have occurred.

a.a milestone

b.intuitive change

c.generational change

d.coercive change

e.discontinuous innovation

59.Backward compatibility is an important consideration for software users who are using an accounting program to facilitate their tax preparation and who want to use a newer version that has greater capacity. Therefore, many software manufacturers engage in:

a.coercive change

b.dominant design manipulation

c.generational change

d.intuitive change

e.incremental modification

60.Unverferth Manufacturing makes agricultural equipment. It used finite element analysis (FEA) software to speed up the design cycle for its 12-row subsoiler. Which aspect of the compression approach to innovation would the use of this software assist?


b.supplier involvement

c.shortening the time of individual steps

d.multifunctional teams

e.functional isolation



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