51.Jenna a member of a union team that negotiating with

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51.Jenna is a member of a union team that is negotiating with management to obtain a labor contract for the workers represented by the union. Jenna is involved in contract arbitration. 

52.During an interview with Zytex company representative, Hillary was told that Zytex faces intense competition and management believes that the only way the company can survive is to have a nonunion workforce. Therefore, all workers Zytex hires must sign an employment contract stating that they agree not to join a union while they work for Zytex. This requirement by Zytex is illegal in the United States. 

53.The workers at the Kerriton Company are unhappy with the way their union has been representing them. The Wagner Act allows these workers to take away the union's right to represent them through a process known as decertification. 

54.Jake remembers his grandfather telling him about going to work at 16 years of age in the coalmines of southern Illinois. In order to get the job, he had to agree to a yellow-dog contract. Essentially this meant he would only get the job if he agreed not to join a union. 

55.The main objectives of organized labor, better wages and shorter hours, have remained remarkably stable over time. 

56.Wage rates, hours of work, employee benefits, and job rights and seniority are issues covered in a typical negotiated labor-management agreement. 

57.A union security clause in a labor-management agreement stipulates that employees who benefit from a union must either officially join or at least pay dues to the union. 

58.The negotiated labor-management agreement clarifies the terms and conditions under which labor and management agree to function over a specified period of time. 

59.Under a closed shop agreement, workers must agree not to join a union in order to keep their jobs. 

60.Until passage of the Taft-Hartley Act, under a closed shop agreement, a company could only hire workers who already belonged to a union. 



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