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Question : 51.British government-backed scientists announced their tests showed the ground water


51.British government-backed scientists announced their tests showed the ground water in Bangladesh was safe to drink. Later the World Health Organization revealed that the ground water supplies in Bangladesh were actually contaminated with arsenic. The British government says it has no liability even though it paid for the research. If the British government did admit guilt, it could be responsible for the clean-up of the water and the treatment of people who have been poisoned. This process would cost millions of dollars. By denying its guilt, the British government is doing what is best for the British nation and its taxpayers. In other words, the British government is adhering to the principle of:

a.distributive equity

b.personal virtue

c.utilitarian benefits

d.discretionary rights

e.government requirements

52.To encourage more ethical decision making in an organization, managers should:

a.carefully select and hire new employees

b.establish a specific code of ethics

c.create an ethical climate

d.train employees in how to make ethical decisions all of these

53.A(n) ___________ is a written test that estimates employee honesty by directly asking job applicants what they think or feel about theft or about punishment of unethical behaviors.

a.situational-based integrity test

b.personality-based integrity test integrity test

d.framed integrity test

e.overt integrity test

54.Managers can use integrity tests to: and hire ethical employees

b.force the use of the principle of distributive justice when dealing with customers

c.differentiate primary and secondary stakeholders

d.determine which principle of ethical decision making is most appropriate to the situation

e.assess the ethical intensity of an issue

55.__________ integrity tests indirectly estimate employee honesty by measuring psychological traits.






56.According to the What Really Works, “Integrity Tests,” overt integrity tests are LEAST effective in predicting:

a.overall workplace deviance

b.employee theft

c.job performance

d.drug abuse

e.workplace violence

57.According to the What Really Works, “Integrity Tests,” overt integrity tests are MOST effective in predicting:

a.job performance

b.employee theft

c.overall workplace deviance

d.employ pilferage

e.organizational culture compatibility

58.When the Chicago-based Club Aluminum Company was facing bankruptcy, one of the changes its new CEO made was to create a(n) __________ for all employees to follow in their business and professional lives. It read, “Of the things we think, say, and do: (1) Is it the truth? (2) Is it fair to all concerned? (3) Will it build goodwill and better friendships? (4) Will it be beneficial to all concerned?”

a.overt statement of integrity vision

c.mission statement of principle

d.statement of utilitarianism

e.code of ethics

59.The Code of Ethics for members of the Society of American Foresters instructs them to protect and serve society by inspiring, guiding, and governing members in the conduct of their professional lives.  In addition, the society’s code of ethics should:

a.include standards and procedures specific to the forestry industry

b.demonstrate postconventional morality

c.determine what ethical principle will guide the actions of foresters

d.remain general in nature how the society engages in discretionary responsibility

60.Which of the following is an objective of ethics training? develop employee awareness about ethics push ethics training throughout the entire organization teach employees a practical model of ethical decision making achieve credibility with employees achieve all of these



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