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51.A company’s purpose statement: a.flows from its strategy often referred to
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Question : 51.A company’s purpose statement: a.flows from its strategy often referred to : 1421920


51.A company’s purpose statement:

a.flows from its strategy often referred to as an organizational mission or vision

c.can never be accomplished, only approached not in accordance with the S.M.A.R.T. guidelines

e.identifies its organizational culture

52.Which of the following statements about a company’s purpose statement is true?

a.A company’s purpose statement guides only managers in the organization.

b.A company’s purpose statement is a more specific goal that unifies company-wide efforts.

c.A company’s purpose statement should be flexible and vague.

d.A company’s purpose statement is often referred to as an organizational mission.

e.All of these statements about a company’s purpose statement are true.

53.In early 2005, General Electric launched a new promotion called “Ecoimagination” as part of its strategy to remain one of the top-rated global companies.  One __________ plan for accomplishing this objective involved commercials emphasizing both its environmental sensitivity and its corporate creativity.






54.Miller Brewing Co. says it will resume direct attacks on Bud Light in an effort to keep Miller Lite’s momentum going. Miller executives said the company had been “out-executed” in discounting activity by both A-B and Molson Coors during the Memorial Day holiday. In response, Miller said it would “adjust relative pricing gaps where competitor discounts have impacted its sales.” Miller has also announced that new television commercials will resume direct comparisons with Bud Light, following a spate of recent Miller Lite ads that did not knock the competition. Changes in its pricing and in its advertising reflect changes in _____ plans.






55.__________ plans are plans that specify how a company will use resources, budgets, and people to accomplish specific goals within its mission.






56.Who is responsible for the creation of tactical plans? leaders

b.lower-level managers

c.middle managers managers

e.staff advisers

57.Management by objectives (MBO) is a management technique often used to develop and carry out:

a.single-use plans

b.standing plans

c.operational plans

d.tactical plans

e.hierarchical plans

58.Which of the following is NOT a step in the management by objectives (MBO) process?

a.discuss possible goals

b.collectively select goals that are challenging

c.jointly develop operational plans regularly to review progress toward goal accomplishment

e.participate in the selection of goals that are consistent with the company’s overall goals

59.Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg announced a comprehensive plan to improve New York City’s telecommunications infrastructure.  One _____ plan was to dedicate a portion of federal funds for rebuilding lower Manhattan, strengthen downtown Manhattan’s fiber-optic infrastructure, and develop a wireless network to provide back-up capabilities.






60.According to the text, which of the following is a disadvantage associated with management by objectives (MBO) programs?

a.excessive paperwork

b.conflict between manager and employees over nature and types of goals

c.a managerial reluctance to provide feedback to employees

d.difficulty in evaluating qualitative goals

e.all of these



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