51) You working in the IT department of a small

Question : 51) You working in the IT department of a small : 1927947

51) You are working in the IT department of a small paper supply company and planning a new database that monitors employee benefits and productivity. What would be the relationship you need to establish between Employee_ID in the Employee table and Parking_spot_number in the Perks table?

A) one-to-many

B) one-to-one

C) many-to-many

D) many-to-one

52) The most prominent data manipulation language today is:

A) Access.

B) DB2.


D) Crystal Reports.

53) DBMS typically include report-generating tools in order to:

A) retrieve and display data.

B) display data in an easier-to-read format.

C) display data in graphs.

D) perform predictive analysis.

54) What is the purpose of a DBMS's data definition function?

A) Storing and managing the data in the database

B) Storing definitions of data elements

C) Normalizing the database

D) Structuring the database

55) Which of the following database types is useful for storing Java applets as well as handling large numbers of transactions?

A) Relational DBMS

B) Hierarchical DBMS

C) Object-relational DBMS


56) As per your reading of the chapter case, what primary benefit of using data mining technology is driving more accurate and precise marketing by large companies such as Forbes and Eastman Kodak?

A) Finding out which of their marketing techniques works best

B) Ability to gather real-time data on customers

C) Ability to gather more data than previously

D) A more realistic understanding of their customers

57) Which of the following statements about data warehouses is not true?

A) They store supply data to be used across the enterprise for management analysis and decision making.

B) Data warehouse systems provide a range of ad hoc and standardized query tools, analytical tools, and graphical reporting facilities.

C) They may include data from Web site transactions.

D) Data warehouse systems provide easy-to-use tools for managers to easily update data.

58) A data mart usually can be constructed more rapidly and at lower cost than a data warehouse because:

A) it typically focuses on a single subject area or line of business.

B) all the information is historical.

C) it uses a Web interface.

D) all of the information belongs to a single company.

59) Tools for consolidating, analyzing, and providing access to vast amounts of data to help users make better business decisions are known as:


B) business intelligence.


D) data mining.

60) The tool that enables users to view the same data in different ways using multiple dimensions is:

A) predictive analysis.



D) data mining.

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