51) While ________ interviews ask interviewees to describe how they

Question : 51) While ________ interviews ask interviewees to describe how they : 1404302



51) While ________ interviews ask interviewees to describe how they would react in a given situation, ________ interviews ask candidates to describe how they did react in that situation in the past.

51) ______

A) situational; behavioural

B) nondirective; behavioural

C) structured; situational

D) behavioural,;situational

E) stress; situational


52) Behavioural questions describe:

52) ______

A) hypothetical situations.

B) candidate personality

C) various situations experienced in the past.

D) future behaviour.

E) preset candidate reactions.


53) An example of a behavioural question is:

53) ______

A) Tell me about a time when you managed a situation requiring negotiation.

B) What are the skill areas you must develop?

C) If a co-worker hurt her back, what would you do?

D) What type of work do you want to be doing in five years?

E) None of the above.


54) An example of a situational question is:

54) ______

A) How would you handle an irate boss who was just told that the output in the department was below standard?

B) Tell me about a time when you managed numerous priorities in a short period of time.

C) What type of computer skills are you proficient in?

D) Tell me about a time when you had to discipline an employee arriving late for work three days in a row.

E) None of the above.


55) A serialized interview occurs when:

55) ______

A) a candidate's oral and/or computerized responses are obtained in response to computerized oral and written questions.

B) each interviewee only attends one interview.

C) each interviewer rates the candidate on a standard evaluation form, and the ratings are compared before the hiring decision is made.

D) each interviewer evaluates the applicant from his or her own point of view.

E) a panel simultaneously interviews several candidates.


56) Most interviews are administered:

56) ______

A) one on one.

B) simultaneously by several candidates.

C) on a standard evaluation form.

D) by computers.

E) simultaneously by a group.


57) The interviewing method in which the applicant is interviewed by a number of people at once is known as:

57) ______

A) mass.

B) serialized.

C) sequential.

D) panel.

E) behavioural.


58) Advantages of a panel interview include all of the following EXCEPT:

58) ______

A) there is less likelihood of interviewer error.

B) the likelihood of human rights/employment equity violations is greatly reduced.

C) they require less time, overall.

D) they include varied questions pertaining to each interviewer's area of expertise.

E) there are no exceptions listed above.


59) When several candidates are interviewed simultaneously by a panel, this is referred to as a ________ interview.

59) ______

A) panel

B) stress

C) sequential

D) mass

E) patterned


60) To comply with human rights laws an interviewer should not ask questions about any of the following EXCEPT:

60) ______

A) ethnic background.

B) childcare arrangements.

C) marital status.

D) educational qualifications.

E) workers' compensation history.



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