51. Which of the following statements about voyeurism FALSE? A. Fear of being

Question : 51. Which of the following statements about voyeurism FALSE? A. Fear of being : 1411274


51. Which of the following statements about voyeurism is FALSE? 
A. Fear of being discovered discourages many voyeurs from acting out their fantasies.
B. Lack of consent on the part of the observed person is the defining characteristic of voyeurism.
C. Extended viewing of nudity and of others engaging in sexual activity is considered commonplace in our culture.
D. The majority of voyeurs are heterosexual males.

52. Steve was arrested for peering into the bedroom window of his neighbor, Jim. Steve's behavior is considered a paraphilia because 
A. Jim is not gay.
B. Jim did not consent.
C. voyeurism is illegal.
D. same-sex voyeurism is rare.

53. In the study on voyeurism in college student, which of the following is TRUE? 
A. Over half of the men but only a small fraction of the women would watch an attractive person get undressed if there was no chance of getting caught.
B. Men and women were equally as likely to watch the attractive person get undressed.
C. Women were more likely than men to be willing to watch two attractive people having sex.
D. More subjects were willing to watch an attractive person undress than watch two attractive people having sex.

54. The defining feature of exhibitionism is 
A. displaying one's genitalia to an unsuspecting stranger.
B. a preoccupation with the beauty of one's penis.
C. displaying one's secondary sexual characteristics to more than one individual.
D. sexual arousal associated with being naked.

55. Before intercourse, a man finds it very arousing for his sexual partners to stare at and comment on his erect penis. Would he be considered an exhibitionist? 
A. Yes, such behavior is paraphilic.
B. No, if his partner is female.
C. Yes, arousal and gratification by displaying the genitals is coercive.
D. No, this behavior is consensual and noncoercive.

56. People with exhibitionism commonly display themselves to all of the following groups of people EXCEPT 
A. children.
B. adolescents.
C. young women.
D. older women.

57. Most victims of male voyeurs and male exhibitionists 
A. are known to the paraphiliac.
B. are attractive women.
C. are nonconsenting women.
D. are more likely to respond positively to future paraphilic acts.

58. Telephone companies suggest that you respond to obscene phone calls by 
A. hanging up the phone.
B. blowing a loud whistle into the receiver.
C. expressing anger.
D. seeking counseling.

59. The main focus of a person with frotteurism is 
A. making obscene verbal statements.
B. touching an unwilling woman.
C. arousal from looking at or touching a particular object.
D. ejaculation in public places.

60. Sexual activity with a corpse is known as 
A. frotteurism.
B. coprophilia.
C. morbidity.
D. necrophilia.



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