51) Which of the following it most important for a

Question : 51) Which of the following it most important for a : 1419068


51) Which of the following is it most important for a company to do to gain contracts with foreign distributors?

A) convince the distributors that the product and company are viable

B) "build a better mousetrap" so distributors will compete to get the account

C) determine the distribution gap before signing a contract

D) establish in-house distribution to demonstrate what is desired

52) Although electronic commerce offers companies an opportunity to promote their products globally, doing so brings challenges. Which of the following is NOT one of the challenges?

A) Many households, especially in developing countries, lack access to the Internet.

B) Setting up and implementing Internet sales can be expensive.

C) The appeals must be differentiated for every country of the world.

D) Switching to Internet sales can upset current distribution.

53) All of the following are true about the Internet and electronic commerce EXCEPT which one?

A) Suppliers can deal more quickly with their customers.

B) It enhances companies' ability to differentiate their marketing methods by country.

C) Customers worldwide can quickly compare prices from different distributors.

D) Companies must be able to deliver efficiently what they sell over the Internet.

54) Gap analysis is ________.

A) a method for estimating a company's potential sales by identifying segments it is not serving adequately

B) an investment advisor's report on the future of one of the leading clothing retailers

C) the leap-frogging of demand in many developing economies whereby consumers skip certain generations of products, buying the latest model instead

D) an estimation of the disparity in incomes between the very rich and the very poor in a given market

55) A company would most likely use gap analysis to ________.

A) estimate market potential over a business cycle

B) compare sales over time

C) compare consumption potential with its own sales

D) determine the best market niches to target

56) Assume the per capita consumption of shoes is three pairs in Country A and two pairs in Country B. The difference probably means that there is a ________ gap in Country B.

A) product line

B) usage

C) distribution

D) competitive

57) Gap analysis can be used by companies to gain synergy among countries. Which of the following is a benefit of this synergy?

A) It allows companies to determine the allocation of marketing budgets among countries.

B) It can be used to prevent sales via the gray market.

C) By seeing the combined market potential among several countries, companies can determine whether there is sufficient demand to justify new product development costs.

D) By analyzing the distribution gap, companies can better determine whether to handle other companies' imported products along with their own.

58) Arden Shoes runs a different marketing campaign every four weeks abroad. Which of the following best describes the advantage of doing so?

A) It enables Arden to attract more sales personnel.

B) It helps Arden create an image of having quality products.

C) It allows Arden to change prices in highly inflationary economies.

D) It enables Arden to switch quickly and inexpensively to a local emphasis.

59) Compton Cereal Company sells its cereals in most global markets, and overall sales at the firm remain strong. However, the firm is losing sales to some of its competitors because Compton lacks a gluten-free cereal. Which of the following best describes Compton's current problem?

A) usage gap

B) competitive gap

C) distribution gap

D) product-line gap

60) According to the text, which of the following is NOT one of the three personality traits that affect international marketing?

A) globalism

B) materialism

C) ethnocentrism

D) cosmopolitanism



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