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51) What was the most widely read literature in America

Question : 51) What was the most widely read literature in America : 1666775


51) What was the most widely read literature in America from 1800 to 1850?

A)“penny papers”

B)religious literature

C)Crockett almanacs

D)dime novels Answer: B

52) The Hudson River School refers to a group of American:  A) artists.




53) In the early 19th century, the cultural worlds of eastern city dwellers and frontier farmers: A) grew steadily more similar.

B)grew steadily apart.

C)had nothing in common.

D)were separated by distance more than culture.

54) Who replaced Calhoun as vice president in the election of 1832?

A)Henry Clay

B)Daniel Webster

C)Martin Van Buren

D)John Tyler Answer: C

55) John C. Calhoun’s Exposition and Protest was most closely related to what event?

A)the election of 1828

B)the election of 1832

C)the Nullification Crisis

D)Indian removal controversies

56) After Britain abolished slavery in her West Indian colonies: A) they became more stable and prosperous.

B)their economies collapsed and local white elites lost authority.

C)Lord Durham’s report led to establishment of the Caribbean Dominion.

D)black self rule was quickly established.

57) Which of the following was a consequence of the others?

A)bank recharter veto

B)Panic of 1833

C)Jackson’s reelection in 1832

D)Specie Circular

58) Between 1800 and 1830, the trans-Appalachian population grew: A) ten-fold.



D)one hundred-fold. Answer: A

59) The first American president to die in office was:  A) John Quincy Adams.

B)Andrew Jackson.

C)Martin Van Buren.

D)William Henry Harrison.

60) In the mid 19th century, American women participated in politics: A) on the same terms as men.

B)through local churches and benevolent groups.

C)in increasing numbers.

D)as voters but seldom candidates for office.



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