51. The most common employment sector for students graduating with a

Question : 51. The most common employment sector for students graduating with a : 1385841


51. The most common employment sector for students graduating with a bachelor's degree in psychology is _____.

A. education

B. business

C. local government

D. social services

52. The field of phrenology is associated with:

A. Gall.

B. Wundt.

C. Descartes.

D. Ebbinghaus.

53. _____ believed that children were born into the world with minds like "blank slates" and that their experiences determined what kind of adults they would become.

A. Locke

B. Plato

C. Wundt

D. Descartes

54. The phrase tabula rasa may be translated as:

A. red tablet.

B. raised table.

C. new table.

D. blank slate.

55. The formal beginning of psychology is associated with:

A. Wundt.

B. James.

C. Descartes.

D. Ebbinghaus.

56. Which of the following locations is associated with the formal beginning of psychology?

A. China

B. Germany

C. Spain

D. England

57. Wundt began operating the first psychology lab in _____.

A. 1459

B. 1739

C. 1879

D. 1902

58. It is the year 2029. At the American Psychological Association's annual conference, a special keynote address commemorates the 150th anniversary of an historic event in psychology's early days. Which of the following is the event celebrated in the address?

A. Wundt's operation of the first psychology laboratory

B. Charles Darwin's publication of On the Origin of Species

C. G. S. Hall's founding of the American Psychological Association

D. Pavlov's discovery of classical conditioning

59. Dr. Leleux asserts that psychologists should attempt to identify the fundamental attributes of mental experience. Dr. Leleux appears most sympathetic to the _____ perspective in psychology.

A. functionalist

B. prescriptive

C. structuralist

D. humanistic

60. _____ is a procedure used to study the structure of the mind in which subjects are asked to describe in detail what they are experiencing when they are exposed to a stimulus.

A. Inner perception

B. Introspection

C. Internal observation

D. Intervention


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