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51) The first major route west followed by Americans was the: A) Overland Trail.

B)Santa Fe Trail.

C)Oregon Trail.

D)Great Western Road.

52) James K. Polk’s belligerent slogan, “Fifty-four Forty or Fight,” was a reference to U.S. claims to:

A)a Texas border at the Rio Grande.

B)California south to Baja.

C)Oregon to the Russian Alaska boundary.

D)Utah and Nevada.

53) The Mexican government invited settlers like Stephen Austin’s colonists because they wanted a buffer between themselves and the: A) Comanche.




54) Which of the following was NOT part of the treaty of Guadalupe Hildago? A) California and New Mexico ceded to the U.S.

B)U.S. paid nothing to Mexico

C)Mexicans living in Texas granted political rights

D)Rio Grande River established as Texas border

55) Thoreau’s essay “Civil Disobedience” was written as a protest against: A) the Mexican-American War.

B)the annexation of California.

C)pushing Native Americans off their lands.

D)the outcome of the election of 1848.

56) The greatest opposition to Polk and the Mexican-American War came from: A) southern Democrats.

B)northern Whigs

C)border state Democrats.

D)the Liberty Party.

57) At the minimum, “free soil” meant: A) no slavery in new lands.

B)new states would choose by popular sovereignty.

C)extending the Missouri Compromise line to California.

D)an immediate end to all slavery.

58) Which of the following was NOT an American explorer of the West?

A)Alexander Mackenzie

B)Zebulon Pike

C)Stephen Long

D)John C. Frémont Answer: A

59) After Mexico became independent from Spain:

A)Mexico adopted restrictive policies toward American settlers and traders.

B)Mexico relaxed its exclusionary policies in Santa Fe and Texas.

C)war immediately broke out between Americans and Tejanos.

D)new Mexican settlers flooded into Texas and California.

60) Texans “remember the Alamo” because it was: A) a great victory over the Mexicans.

B)where the Texas Declaration of Independence was signed.

C)a disastrous defeat that galvanized the Texas army.

D)the birthplace of Stephen Austin.



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