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51) The Female Moral Reform Society was formed to address what issue?




D)women’s voting rights

52) Which of the following is NOT a reason why William Lloyd Garrison and Frederick Douglass split, indicating problems among abolitionists?

A)Garrison’s unyielding personality

B)differences in tactics to gain abolition

C)the desire of many blacks to return to Africa

D)white reformers’ patronizing attitudes toward blacks

53) Which of the following is NOT a reason that Seneca Falls was a city that was a microcosm typical of the period and effects of the Market Revolution?

A)its location on the Erie Canal

B)being swamped by immigrants

C)having many active reform groups

D)having a utopian community

54) Mormonism was most closely related to which of the following?


B)the temperance movement

C)female reformers

D)urban problems

55) William Sidney Morris’ painting, The Bone Player, is unusual in that it is a sympathetic portrayal of a/n: A) Irishman.


C)African American man.

D)women’s rights activist.

56) Which of the following did German and Irish immigrants have most in common? A) They formed ethnic enclaves in cities.

B)They were Catholic.

C)They mainly worked as laborers or domestics.

D)They faced little discrimination.

57) Which of the following persons is incorrectly paired with a group he or she founded?

A)William Miller, Seventh-Day Adventists

B)Joseph Smith, Latter Day Saints

C)Mother Ann Lee, Shakers

D)John Humphrey Noyes, New Harmony

58) The subject that congressmen tried to remove from the agenda with their “gag rule” was: A) women’s suffrage.


C)labor union rights.

D)prohibition. Answer: B

59) The Grimké sisters were particularly effective in the antislavery movement because they were:

A)white Southerners.

B)former slaves.

C)Methodist preachers.

D)recent Irish immigrants.

60) Immigration to the United States accelerated dramatically after:  A) 1815.






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