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Question : 51) Russia a member of the European Union. 52) Brussels the

51) Russia is a member of the European Union.

52) Brussels is the de facto capital of the European Community.

53) The political, institutional, and cultural bases for forming a United States of Europe are the same as those that existed to form the United States of America.

54) The evolution of one continental market in Europe should boost the European Community's economic growth, lowering prices to consumers without sacrificing the individuality of national cultures.

55) The eventual goal of the European Union is full political merger.

56) The 1985 Single Europe Act called for the creation of one economic community without frontiers by the end of 1992.

57) The Single Europe Act commits the countries "to strengthen economic and cultural cohesion," which has been interpreted to mean strengthening regional development policies.

58) One of the difficulties members of the European Community have with the acceptance of a single currency and central bank is the surrender of national sovereignty.

59) The common agricultural policy established by the European Union has protected inefficient farmers at great cost.

60) Although the European Union strongly encourages economic development within its member nations, it has no obligation to provide financial support.

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