51.________ refers to the process by which human resource managers

Question : 51.________ refers to the process by which human resource managers : 1414008


51.________ refers to the process by which human resource managers identify, analyze, and balance the company’s external opportunities and threats with its internal strengths and weaknesses.

a.  Strategy formulation

b.  Strategy execution

c.  Strategy development

d.  Planning

e.  Management

52.Which of the following basic strategic planning roles is fulfilled by HR managers?

a.perform external and internal audits

b.execute strategy

c.translate the mission into strategic goals

d.formulate strategy

e.both b and d

53.A company’s  ________ is made up of HR professionals, the HR system, and the resulting employee behaviors.

a.strategic human resource management system


c.corporate strategy

d.high performance work system

e.functional strategy

54.Human resource policies and practices are part of the _________.

a.HR function

b.HR system

c.HR architecture

d.employee culture

e.company norms

55.The employee behaviors aspect of a company’s strategic human resource system includes ________.

a.HR policies

b.HR practices

c.HR architecture

d.employee competencies

e.all of the above

56.Factors related to employee behavior which affect a company’s ability to pursue its strategic plan include all but ________.


b.HR practices



e.all of the above are employee behavior components

57.High-performance work organizations are associated with all of the following except ________.

a.multi-skilled work teams

b.empowered front-line workers

c.extensive training

d.labor management cooperation

e.commitment to high production rates

58.The aim of high-performance work organizations is to ________.

a.maximize employee competencies, commitment, and abilities

b.minimize turnover

c.maximize employee compensation

d.improve market share

e.decrease competitive advantage

59.High-performance work organizations have become necessary due to ________.


b.consumer confidence

c.decreased work force size

d.global competition

e.cost leadership

60.Which of the following practices is likely to be used by companies using high-performance systems?

a.hire using validated selection tests

b.fill jobs from internal candidates

c.utilize self-managing work teams

d.train employees extensively

e.all of the above



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