51) Most of the transmigration in Indonesia originates from what

Question : 51) Most of the transmigration in Indonesia originates from what : 2039772

51) Most of the transmigration in Indonesia originates from what island?

A) Java

B) Celebes

C) Sumatra

D) Timor

E) Kalimantan

52) What is transmigration?

A) It is a migration of refugees from one nation to another.

B) It is a long period of migration stagnation, when a nation's population remains in one region for a significantly long period of time.

C) It is a government-implemented policy forbidding emigration from a nation in any form.

D) It is the forced movement of certain citizens to concentration camps.

E) It is the relocation of a nation's population from one location to another within its national territory.

53) What country of Southeast Asia is the most highly urbanized?

A) Burma

B) Singapore

C) Vietnam

D) the Philippines

E) Cambodia

54) Which of the following conditions is relatively common in Southeast Asia?

A) major conurbations

B) a megalopolis

C) counterurbanization

D) primate cities

E) gentrification

55) Who are the Karen?

A) aside from the Hmong, the second largest tribal group in Laos

B) a tribal people of upland Burma

C) the current rulers of Burma

D) Cambodians who have been expelled from their homeland and forced to reside in Thailand

E) the royal family of Thailand

56) Which of the following is NOT one of the major external cultural influences on Southeast Asia?

A) immigrants from India

B) indentured workers from Japan

C) migrants from China

D) Muslim merchants from South Asia

E) European colonialists

57) Vietnam

A) ruled China until about 1000 A.D.

B) still uses Chinese ideographs for written communication.

C) adopted many aspects of Confucianism.

D) was once a Hindu kingdom.

E) is a province of China.

58) Of the following countries in Southeast Asia, which one has been most receptive to western influences?

A) Malaysia

B) the Philippines

C) Burma

D) Singapore

E) Vietnam

59) Which of the following elements did European colonial rule bring to Southeast Asia?

A) Spanish

B) Christianity

C) new governmental systems

D) new educational systems

E) all of the above

60) Which of the following phrases best describes the linguistic geography of Southeast Asia?

A) There are five distinct languages, and each one can be placed in a different language group.

B) There are several hundred distinct languages that can be placed into five major linguistic groups.

C) There are five languages, and they are all in the same language group.

D) Each island has its own unique language.

E) Because there are so many languages in this region, ASEAN has required that everyone in the region learn English.

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