51) Martin Manufacturing an MNE that uses centralized authority to

Question : 51) Martin Manufacturing an MNE that uses centralized authority to : 1419053


51) Martin Manufacturing is an MNE that uses centralized authority to implement an extensive set of rules and procedures to govern a broad range of activities. Martin Manufacturing is most likely applying a system of ________.

A) market control

B) adjustment control

C) bureaucratic control

D) clan control

52) Grover Enterprises is an MNE that relies on shared values among all employees to idealize the preferred behaviors and identify performance measures within the company. Grover is most likely applying a system of ________.

A) market control

B) bureaucratic control

C) planning control

D) clan control

53) Formal reports, management performance evaluations, and financial metrics are three examples of ________.

A) coordinating tools

B) coordinating systems

C) control systems

D) control mechanisms

54) MNEs use reporting systems for foreign operations that are similar to the ones they use domestically ________.

A) primarily in the early stages of operating abroad

B) because common systems allow comparative evaluations

C) until the subsidiary demonstrates mastery of the form

D) only in those countries with extremely similar systems of information technology

55) Market-share increase and turnover ratios are examples of ________.

A) nonfinancial evaluation metrics

B) financial evaluation metrics

C) cost and accounting metrics

D) enterprise resource planning (ERP)

56) Which tool is used by most firms to monitor product planning, parts purchasing, and inventory maintenance?

A) reports

B) clan controls

C) financial metrics

D) information systems

57) ________ is a system of shared values about what is important and beliefs about how the world works among the employees of an organization.

A) Organizational system

B) Organizational structure

C) Organizational culture

D) Organizational vision

58) Which of the following is most likely a true statement about organization culture?

A) Many organizations use a robust organization culture to create consistently high performance.

B) Few companies allow an organization's culture to emerge naturally.

C) Typically, managers from different countries have values similar to those endorsed by the company.

D) Divergent values among managers and employees ease the exchange of ideas between people from different countries.

59) A company adopting a(n) ________ strategy will likely aim to develop an organization culture that helps employees around the world unquestioningly accept common goals and practices.

A) domestic

B) multidomestic

C) national

D) global

60) Which of the following is NOT one of the main priorities for most corporate universities?

A) complying with labor regulations

B) facilitating strategic understanding

C) strengthening employee commitment

D) developing organizational culture



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