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Question : 51) In font themes, the heading and body fonts always

51) In font themes, the heading and body fonts are always different.

52) You can customize the presentation design by changing the background of your slides.

53) Modifications to slide backgrounds must be applied to all slides in a presentation.

54) You can reset a slide's background if you modify it.

55) The effects and color choices in the Format Background pane are based on the selected theme and variant.

56) After adding a picture as a background, slide text will always be easier to read due to the contrast between the font and the background image.

57) When applying a texture to a slide background, choose a texture that complements the content.

58) Newsprint is an example of a texture fill that can be added to a slide background.

59) WordArt is a pre-built set of fills, outlines, and effects used to create decorative text.

60) Gradient Fill — Dark Green, Accent 1, Reflection is an example of a WordArt style.

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