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51. Emma’s choice shop is has five retail outlets in New York. The company sells products of various manufacturers and it also sells products that are branded as Emma’s products in its outlets. Emma’s is an example of a(n) _____ brand.

A. personal

B. individual

C. national

D. store



52. Which of the following serves the functions of protecting, facilitating use of, and promoting the product, as well as providing information about the product and its use?

A. Assembling

B. Packaging

C. Fabrication

D. Manufacturing



53. Which of the following is a common activity in the service component of a product?

A. Procuring raw materials

B. Manufacturing body parts

C. Handling inquiries promptly

D. Assembling product components



54. The more service-sensitive the market, the:

A. greater the number products that firms will sell.

B. lesser the opportunity for profits.

C. lesser product prices will be.

D. greater the opportunity for profits.



55. A short product line:

A. is less profitable given the economies of scale.

B. simplifies the inventories of both the company and its channel members.

C. establishes a series of line extensions and family brands.

D. is desirable during the later stages of developing a new product or service.



56. Developing additional products to serve more narrowly targeted, or different, market segments is known as:

A. line extension.

B. cobranding.

C. individual branding.

D. line stretch.



57. Which of the following refers to an arrangement where different products work together to create barriers of competition?

A. Product penetration

B. Line extension

C. Brand extension

D. Product system



58. One of the biggest causes for the failure of new products introduced into the market place is the lack of:

A. advertising.

B. technical features.

C. technical expertise.

D. consumer interest.



59. _____ refers to brining customers or prospective customers directly into the product development process.

A. Brand extension

B. Line stretching

C. Cocreation

D. Line extension



60. Swoosh Inc. provides customers online tools to design their own sneakers, wallets and bags. The company later manufactures products based on the designs made by customers. This type of manufacturing is an example of:

A. cocreation.

B. line stretching.

C. brand extension.

D. line extension.




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