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51.________ disorder is characterized by extreme negative emotionality and an inability to regulate emotions.

a.Antisocial personality

b.Borderline personality



52.________ disorder is characterized by a lifelong pattern of irresponsible, antisocial behavior such as law-breaking, violence, and other impulsive, reckless acts.

a.Antisocial personality

b.Borderline personality



53.Mark would bite and hit the other children in his preschool class, and by the time he turned ten he started shoplifting and skipping school. His teenage years showed a pattern of cheating at school, stealing from a part-time job, selling drugs, and stealing cars. Mark’s developmental history is an indication of:


b.obsessive-compulsive disorder.

c.antisocial personality disorder.

d.dissociative identity disorder.

54.Which of the following facts holds true for antisocial personality disorder (APD)?

a.Many people with APD don’t do as well as other individuals on neuropsychological tests of frontal                                           lobe functioning.

b.Disease, accident, physical abuse, or genetic predispositions do not contribute to frontal lobe damage.

c.Environmental influences do not play a role in antisocial behavior.

d.Impairments in the frontal lobe do not affect emotional control.

55.The key symptoms of ________are rule-breaking, aggressiveness, and irresponsibility.


b.borderline personality disorder

c.antisocial personality disorder phobia

56.________ is a personality disorder characterized by fearlessness; lack of empathy, guilt, and remorse; the use of deceit; and cold-heartedness.





57.Anthony is a charming and manipulative man with an ambition to become rich and powerful. He uses his charm and manipulates rich women to marry him. He emotionally exploits them and gets all their assets transferred to his name. Then, he kills them in cold blood without any regret. Anthony is showing the characteristics of a:



c.schizophrenic person

d.psychotic person

58.Which of the following statements is a characteristic of psychopaths?

a.Psychopaths are fearful of being caught and punished for their misdeeds.

b.Psychopaths often show empathy toward the people whom they hurt.

c.Psychopaths show remorse for their harmful acts.

d.Psychopaths are fearless, unconcerned about being caught and punished for their misdeeds.

59.The two dominant approaches to understanding addiction and drug abuse are:

a.the biological model and the learning model.

b.the cultural model and the psychodynamic model.

c.the humanist model and the biological model.

d.the objective model and the psychodynamic model.

60.Which of the following statements regarding the biological model of addiction and drug abuse is FALSE?

a.People who have a high sensitivity to alcohol are less likely to drink to excess.

b.If heredity plays a role in alcoholism, then more than one gene is involved.

c.For alcoholics who begin drinking heavily in adulthood, heritable factors are strongly involved.

d.Genes may affect how much a person needs to drink before feeling high.

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